Advance or development toward a better human condition – Progress is designed for the good of the greatest number – Different types of progress: social, political, technological, medical… Progress is also an ambivalent concept because it produces constraints and contradictions . Therefore progress is a double-edged sworld. Some invention beneficial at first might end up to be catastrophic for human kind on the long run. Indeed, a growing number of people voice their concern about the ethical, social and environmental consequences of  progress. When talking about progress you might want to consider its positive but also negative impact on society.


In what way has progress made life better? Can you give examples?

Do you think that progress is always positive? Can there be a negative side to progress?

Do you think progress is always positive? Can there be a negative side to progress?

To what extent consumption habits and progress are linked?

New trends such as fair trade, recycling, bartering, freeganisn – how are these new trends linked to the idea pf progress?

Are changes in consumption habits considered progress or not?

How has internet changed today’s world?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of progress? Illustrate your ideas/give examples.

How have the successive revolutions improved people´s lives?

Progress as a myth – Something people share and believe in, but progress can also be dangerous therefore an illusion .

To what extent does progress need to be redefined? New trends nowadays – redefine progress with a human dimension/in terms of values and not just technological/material things

Einstein´s quote : It has become appalingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity – Can be useful to raise the issue of progress and its negative effects-

Evolution of society, family structures, and the idea of progress. How are these ideas linked to one another ?

To what extent has progress led to destruction?

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