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About food: For me, food is what connects people. I love to eat and above all, I love to cook for the people who are dear to me. Foods are my best memories, my best moments, and my best hopes. For me, cooking is like traveling through the senses. You experience texture, colors, flavors, aroma, even sound. But the best of all is sharing that experience with others because eating well brings happiness. The type of food I like cooking? I like to improvise and combine whatever I have in my kitchen. I also like cooking from cookbooks and prepare more elaborate dinners when my friends come over. Set a nice table (guess what my favorites stores are?) and play with colors, shapes, space, and light. This is what I want to share with you, and I hope by starting this blog that you will also share your experience of cooking and eating. About me: I am French and I live in Nicaragua. When I moved here I discovered new flavors and how to combine them to create tasty, and simple recipes. It took me some time because at first I didn’t know the local ingredients. I also used to spend a lot of money buying imported foods and trying to cook as I used to back in France. I soon had to admit that the chocolate mousse would never be the same, the cream based dishes too rich under tropical temperatures, the homemade mayonnaise or Chantilly too difficult to beat when it’s 33 degrees outside. The meat cuts were different, the selection of fish at the supermarket very limited, and there were vegetables and fruits I had never seen before. With the years passing by, I have found the right places to buy my foods (local markets to find vegetables, fruits, spices, fish), lots of taste/test recipes, fun, imagination and passion, I am now happy with my cooking. Most of the recipes in my blog are my own but we are all inspired by others and in my case, my inspiration comes from my mother, my friends, my son, my cookbooks and more recently blogs and U Tube. I try to use local and seasonal foods the most (except for olive oil, which I cannot substitute for anything else) and I usually start from scratch making my own sauces, bread, preserves and dairy products. I appreciate every recipe you try, every comment you leave and any tips (places to find local products for example). Sharing food is also sharing experience and in the end sharing the good life! From my sunny kitchen to yours, Brigitte Motheau. PS: My “About me” is in English, but I’m French and live in Nicaragua. So I have a dilemma. Feel free to post your comments in French and Spanish too. That was also one of my questions before starting this blog: “which language shall I use?” I feel obviously better at my native language, but I want to reach a larger community and this is why I’m writing in English. Living in Nicaragua, I feel I should write in Spanish too. (although English is commonly used here too). I want this blog to be multilingual, multicultural, a melting pot of savory inspiration.

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