Questions you can ask yourself about the notion


Topics or themes within the notion: communication/trade/globalisation/multicultural society/migration/travel/colonisation/working conditions/studying abroad/relationship

What spaces ? (geographical, symbolic areas) : Geographically, the world today is becoming a global village as transportation and telecommunications have sped up the rhythm of exchanges between people.

How has the space changed? (the work place/telecommuting/global cities)

What are the limits – impact (positive, negative, for whom?)

Where? New poles of attraction – new areas of development?  An example could be the various waves of migration from and towards Ireland acording to its economic ups and downs.

These questions could be asked if you study documents in relation to global cities, countries where people want to emigrate.

What exchanges? (types of interactions? cultural, economic, sociological)

What impact does globalisation have on exchanges?

What impact do global cities have on people´s everyday lives? Who is going where? how? why? who benefits from the exchanges? who are the losers? the victims? why?

How have these exchanges shaped and characterised our modern-day world?

How are working conditions evolving? (speed, closeness, telecommuting, virtual or real spaces?)